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Yoga for Everyone

For any age, stage or challenge,
I guide you to move kindly,
breathe comfortably, and
ease your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga for Everyone

For any age, stage or challenge,
I guide you to move kindly,
breathe comfortably, and
ease your body, mind and spirit.

General and Chair Yoga Classes Caboolture

A Practical Approach

Benefit from a tailored mix of Yoga disciplines designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and breath awareness
General and Chair Yoga Classes Elimbah

Kind & Compassionate Atmosphere

A welcoming, inclusive environment
Caboolture Meditation Classes Online

Combine Meditation and Yoga

Enjoy the scientifically backed benefits of both of these ancient proven practices

Yoga with Lenora is an Enjoyable and Safe Way to Move

I am an accredited Yoga Teacher, who fell in love with Yoga more than 20 years ago. I have been teaching Yoga professionally since 2014 and offer:

Face-2-Face Yoga classes - Caboolture / Moodlu / Bribie Island
FREE Chair Yoga for seniors in the Moreton Bay Region
Yoga lessons online; and
Online meditation sessions - coming soon

Early on in my teaching I discovered the joy of teaching yoga to the Wise, having shared with people in their 80s and 90s, and also a Centenarian! So, while I offer inclusive, face-to-face and online yoga lessons for everyone, I place a particular focus on students with challenges that make it too difficult for them to participate in a regular yoga class due to mobility restrictions, injuries, disabilities and limited fitness or flexibility.

This is offered through small classes and kind-to-body styles of practice like Chair Yoga a predominantly seated practice, with some standing postures that use a chair for support, Gentle Joint Release, and kind-to-mind influences like LifeForce and Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

When you attend my classes, my mission is to make you feel welcome and comfortable. With so many folks finding they ENJOY Yoga with Lenora, I’m confident you will too.

My approach is about kindness to the body, mind and spirit – Move, Breath, Ease. I enjoy sincerely getting to know my students and guiding them through practices that will benefit them while accepting and valuing their individuality and needs. Oh, and we enjoy laughing during our classes… a lot!


Chair & Gentle Yoga Classes Caboolture
Chair & Gentle Yoga Classes Moodlu
Chair Yoga Bribie Island
Yoga Classes Online

My Approach

I like the down-to-earth approach to Yoga, – guiding a combination of Yoga practices, including:

Breathing practices
Sense withdrawal
Mindfulness and Concentration
Meditation Practices
Ideals and Philosophy

This enables students to build strength, flexibility, balance, breath consciousness, equanimity and a sense of peace in each Yoga class.

As well as the physical benefits, Yoga with Lenora students have reported that classes help them to:

Feel more relaxed
Sleep better; and
Experience a deeper sense of connection with themselves, and with those around them

I am committed to teaching affordably priced Yoga to everyone, including people who may feel out of place visiting a conventional Yoga studio. Whatever your physical capabilities, you can have peace-of-mind knowing you are being led by someone who has a history of more than 20 years of practice and been officially trained and qualified for more than 7 years.

My FREE Chair Yoga classes are specifically designed to benefit people with limited mobility and balance.

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Gentle Yoga

This accessible yoga is designed to support the experienced body by focussing on maintaining and improving mobility of joints, strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and relaxation. Experienced bodies, whether it’s lots of years, lots of injuries, or just don’t fit the usual yoga student stereotype, need care, attention and awareness.

This is provided by small class sizes, a friendly accepting attitude, and a wide range of knowledge and skills. An accessible yoga sequence is planned and varies weekly, but is also adapted to help your body as it turns up in the room on the day.

The postures facilitated will be adapted to your body.

Tailored to suit and take injuries into account
No repetitive sequences; tough moves are left out
Nurturing poses that improve wellbeing
Gentle joint release sequence is designed to move every joint in the body, every way it’s supposed to move

Yoga Timetable

47-53 Williams Road, MOODLU QLD 4510


  • Monday | 11-12pm (Restorative Yoga)
  • Thursday | 9-10am (Gentle Yoga)
  • Thursday | 5:30pm – 6:30pm (Gentle Yoga)

1-on-1 Yoga Sessions Available

Chair Yoga Timetable


What is Chair Yoga?

Caboolture Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga designed to cater for people who prefer not to get down onto the floor. Many poses experienced in standard Yoga practices can be adapted to suit Chair Yoga. It’s just Yoga without headstands!

My Chair Yoga instructor training and accreditation was completed with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and through mentoring with an experienced senior teacher.

The focus of my Chair Yoga classes is to encourage gentle movement and to foster connection between participants.


Yoga Nidra is a state of alert awareness that is deeply relaxing and accessible to all. It’s the state in between waking and sleeping, where the conscious and the subconscious meet. Insight occurs and the mind is engaged, but the chatter disappears or is greatly reduced.

It follows a similar pattern in each class, short standing stretch and release, introduction and internalisation, intention setting, body scan, breathing practice, equanimity practice, visualisation, revisit intention, and externalisation.

This practice promotes wellbeing and improved health, reduced anxiety and may enable transformation. 

Meditation practices have been shown to help reduce stress and promote wellbeing and many practices have been scientifically tested and found to have wide ranging benefits. Mindfulness, moving meditation, chanting, candle gazing, chakra based meditations, and more are also available.

Meditation qualification Zama Institute 110 hour Meditation Teacher Training 2020, registration with Meditation Australia.

Meditation Timetable

47-53 Williams Road, MOODLU QLD 4510

1-on-1 Meditation Sessions Available

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About Lenora

Caboolture Chair Yoga For Seniors

After my first experience with Yoga in 1998, I felt a physically and emotionally liberating sense of freedom from my overpowering anxiety and stress. By my second class, I knew I would eventually exchange high school maths teaching for Yoga teaching.

I became an accredited Yoga teacher in 2014, through Yoga Australia and since that time also obtained accreditation to teach Yoga for Depression and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I recently completed training to qualify to teach meditation, which I look forward to sharing very soon.

It’s important to me that people attending my classes feel they are welcome, no matter what their injury type, level of fitness or physical or mental obstacles. At my studio and in my online classes, students will feel valued, and included. My vibe is peaceful, real, warm and “keep it simple”. I have a genuine interest in my fellow people and I am committed to accepting and valuing the individuality and needs of each student.


Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 2022
First Aid and CPR certificate, always current
Meditation Teacher Training, Zama Institute, 2020
Seniors Chair Yoga, IYTA, 2019
LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training Part B, 2019
LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training Part A, 2016
Trauma Sensitive Yoga, 2016
LifeForce Yoga to Manage Your Mood, 2015
Level 1 Yoga Rhythms Teacher Training, 2013
PGDipEd UQ, 1991
BSc UQ, 1990

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